Why Choose Brick?

Why should you choose brick for your home design, home makeover, fireplace, patio or walkway? Here are just a few benefits of brick:

Home Designs with Brick

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. It is also one of the most personal, expressing your style and individuality in every detail. Brick can preserve your investment and reflect your lifestyle better than any other material. Homeowners are sold on it for its permanence, warmth and substance.

More and more, brick is used to create custom home designs and unique exterior makeovers. Brick comes in many styles, colors and textures, and can be handmade and even laid bedside out for a truly elegant look.

In residential construction, the addition of brick details in the design of a house improves the overall curb appeal of the home. It also gives a builder an opportunity to customize each home to the owners taste or to match a specific architectural style. Fireplaces and chimneys can provide focal points for the home while quoin corners, water tables, sills and arches can enhance the existing brickwork.

Brick Fireplaces and Custom Mantels

Brick fireplaces are one of the most popular features a home can possess. Fireplaces add warmth, coziness and visual appeal to any room. The extra warmth you gain from a fireplace can also reduce winter heating costs. Designs range from functional and traditional to contemporary and elegant, depending on the style preferences of the homeowner.

Brick's popularity with architects, designers, and builders is its ability to adapt to design criteria. It can be shaped and used in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary detailing--from arches to sills, copings, columns and treads. It combines universal appeal with important economic benefits whether it is in the home or on the ground. Brick is virtually maintenance-free, moisture and pest resistant, fire-resistant, and relatively soundproof.